About Our Company

Pinnacle Lifestyles evolved from family. A brand family of innovative companies beginning with Pinnacle Wealth Brokers, Pinnacle Lifestyles was created in order to help people find the balance they may be missing in their daily lives. The essential, healthy balance between family life, work or school life, and the Natural World. Our team's mission is to create resort communities that make you feel like you're home. We love to bring people together and we're growing all the time. We're acquiring more and more resort properties in Canada's most coveted destinations. Come along with us and find your balance.

“We’re Canada’s fastest growing RV and adventure resort company. Featuring elevated services and amenities well beyond most RV resorts or campgrounds. We’ve started an evolution in resort and camp life. An evolution that appeals to people looking to find greater balance in their lives..” 
~ Tom Wach, president, Pinnacle Lifestyles

Getting Ready for Fishing

Pinnacle Wealth Brokers established its roots in 2006 and has raised over $1.2 Billion for private Canadian companies. Focusing on globally diversified publics and carefully selected privates.

Friends in Nature

Pinnacle Wealth Brokers partnered with 20/20 Wealth Creation to create the Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation allowing them to “give back” by sowing seeds of education, training, equipment, and opportunity.

Young Family

Pinnacle Wealth Planning insurance helps protect what is important to you. Whether you are saving for retirement, education, or looking to protect your family or future, we have you covered.

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