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Cabin & RV Resorts in BC & Alberta

Camping For Kids Charity

Benefiting Kids In Need And Their Families

Annual Charity Fundraisers

Our Mission

With so many challenges for young people these days, we knew some truly needy kids needed a break from life's sometimes overwhelming realities. And so, with the help of our kind hearted sponsors, we've come together as a like-minded community to provide healthy family getaways, all-inclusive, at our various resorts.


This program benefits needy kids who've been identified by local charities and various support services as perfect beneficiaries for the Charity's mission. These are kids who are in desperate need, in crisis or challenged by harsh life or traumatic health events. The getaways are for 1-week in a supplied RV with food and beverages supplied, and various activities included.

Annual Fundraiser

The Annual Charity Classic At Kokanee Springs Resort in Crawford Bay BC in the East Kootenays is a yearly fundraiser for Camping For Kids. The Kokanee Springs Golf Course is an epic, truly cinematic setting for an event such as this. The weekend fundraiser brings together a wide spectrum of individual and corporate sponsors from Alberta and BC. 

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Please contact Kokanee Springs' General Manager, Richard Bertram at: 
click here to email Richard

Donate Your RV

Want to help? Donate an RV to the Camping For Kids program so we can host escapes for sick kids and their families who deeply need a break. Tax receipt supplied. Please contact Pinnacle Lifestyles, Sarah McColm at: 
click here to email Sarah

2023 Charity Camp Weekend

Pinnacle Lifestyles Resorts hosted our Annual Charity Weekend in support of Camping For Kids Charity, this year from May 25-28th. Each of our resorts hosted kids and their families (newspaper article) to enjoy the feel good experience of camping and various fun activities at each resort for kids of all abilities.


We want to help kids connect with nature and with their loved ones while taking an overdue break in a natural surrounding. Camping For Kids. It's all about the kids. 

About The Annual Charity Weekend

Families are referred to us by our partnerships with Starlight and our connections to local community support services within our resort locations: 
click here to submit an inquiry

Starlight Foundation Partner

The Program

Kids wanna be kids. When illness strikes kids begin missing out on a lot of their school life, activities, sports, important social interactions and family occasions.


Starlight has designed the Starlight Great Escape® Wishes program and Pinnacle Lifestyles Resorts is an official program partner supplying all-inclusive RV escapes at Pinnacle Lifestyles' various resorts in BC and Alberta.

Starlight's Mission

Starlight facilitates awesome opportunities for kids of all ages, illnesses, and abilities to experience Starlight Great Escape® Wishes. Starlight's mission is to bring families together to help make up for some lost time by creating fun-filled events for new memories and new friendships.

Making Wishes Reality

Pinnacle Lifestyles Resorts is bringing families together in the great outdoors to experience the joy of RV camping in pleasant, fully serviced RV resorts. Our goal is to supply all-inclusive RV getaways for struggling families via Starlight Great Escape® Wishes.


Getaways will include a supplied RV, bedding, food and beverage supplies, and access to various onsite activities and offsite activities through our association with SG Powersports.

Pinnacle Lifestyles' Is A Proud Supporter Of

Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation

Pinnacle Wealth Brokers partnered with 20/20 Wealth Creation to create the Pinnacle 20/20 Foundation through which we funnel the donated talents and resources of our agents, co-workers, and clients, allowing them to “give back” by sowing seeds of education, training, equipment, and opportunity.

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